WOODBURY - A recent News 12/Hofstra University poll asked Long Island residents if they would be willing to use fewer chemicals on their lawns in order to protect the quality of our water.

Most residents seemed to be on board when asked, "Would you be willing to use fewer lawn care products in order to protect water quality on Long Island?"

The results of the poll show 76.2 percent of respondents said yes, 13 percent said no and 2.9 percent were undecided. Another 7.9 percent said they were “not affected” in response to the question.

Environmentalists from the organization Save The Great South Bay have sounded the alarm on gardening products. They say nitrogen from fertilizers, sewage plants and cesspools are destroying Long Island's drinking water, estuaries, bays and harbors. Members of the organization say Long Island residents can help water quality by cutting back on the use of chemicals and fertilizers and using organic lawn products.

Save The Great South Bay Director John Hall says he uses only organic products on his lawn and garden. He says they are much more available now than in the past.