WOODBURY - A News 12-Hofstra University poll shows that many Long Islanders disagree on whether local school districts are being wise with their tax dollars.

When asked if they believe school districts spend their tax dollars efficiently, 25 percent of Long Islanders polled said they strongly disagree. Another 24 percent of responders said they somewhat disagree, while approximately 30 percent said they somewhat agree. About 17 percent believed school districts use their tax money efficiently, and the remaining 5 percent of responders were undecided.

Jon Krauss, a Wantagh father of two, says many districts across the Island are top-heavy.

"I do not think they're efficiently spending," says Krauss. "I think there's too much administrative costs and I think that can be streamlined across the district."

Some Long Islanders tell News 12 that they feel many districts are using the money efficiently because they have to. Matthew Rottino, of Glen Cove, says cuts in state aid and the new property tax cap are forcing districts to do more with less.