PLAINVIEW - The results of the latest News 12/Hofstra Poll are out, and Long Islanders say they are still worried about the area's economic stability.

The poll found that only 15 percent of Long Islanders are more financially secure than they were a year ago. The figure rose only 3 percent since 2010. Nearly 50 percent of those questioned said they are financially the same as they were last year, and 36 percent said they are less financially secure.

Dowling College economist Marty Cantor says on paper, an economic recovery may seem underway, but Long Islanders are not noticing it. "It's going to be between three and four years before you really feel the recovery in your wallet," he said.

The poll also showed that women were more pessimistic about the region's economic future than were men.

News 12/Hofstra Poll Results Summary Report for Feb. 2011News 12/Hofstra Poll Results from Feb. 2011