News 12 Long Island - got an exclusive look inside the protest that has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

Occupy Wall Street, or OWS, is a self-described leaderless group of people who have taken over parks all over the globe, starting with Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan.

News 12 Long Island's Stone Grissom was given unprecedented access to follow several Long Islanders inside the movement's camp and spend the night there to see how the protesters are surviving in the cold.

Alex Colpas, of Center Moriches, is one of the 300-400 protesters who spend both day and night at the park. He says despite the thousands of people passing through the area daily, it's been very peaceful.

Since taking over the park a little over a month ago, the demonstrators have set up a library, a computer center, a first aid center and a food court.

University of Pittsburgh professor and Occupy Wall Street librarian William Scott says there are books available for the protesters to educate them about the reasons behind the movement and to give them something to think about.

The protesters have formed committees to divide up the labor so they can survive and support each other. One committee handles food, another security, and there is even a free clothing store. Protesters suspicious of plan to clean up NYC parkOccupy Wall Street protesters hold Millionaires' MarchRev. Al Sharpton broadcasts show out of Occupy Wall St. center