MANHATTAN - News 12 Long Island has gotten a rare look inside the now-global Occupy Wall Street movement as protesters continue to camp out at Zuccotti Park for a 34th day.

"All I brought was a foldable sleeping bag. I'm going to use a garbage bag to put down on the floor," says Charlene Obernauer, of Stony Brook, as she prepares to get some rest.

And after spending the day learning how the camp was organized, News 12 Long Island's Stone Grissom spent the night with protesters as well.

Right before bedtime, the group's "General Assembly" gathered. The "General Assembly" takes place nightly as protesters assemble to discuss upcoming events and issues.

On this night, as trouble brewed with police officers because of the camp's sole remaining tent, a well-known figure intervened in support of the protesters and convinced cops to back down.

"There's pain down here, let's hear their cry. Not so much the language, but the message," said Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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