EAST NORTHPORT - A new high-tech signal system has been installed on a busy East Northport road, and while officials say it will ease the area's constant congestion, some local skeptics aren't convinced.

Town of Huntington officials today announced the completion of a $2 million signal system at 11 stoplights along Larkfield Road. The computerized system uses cameras and detection equipment to let the stoplights know when cars are waiting to get through, and adjusts the timing of the signals accordingly.

Huntington Town Supervisor Frank Petrone says the improvements began after months of research. "This project was designed to bring traffic travel up to the speed limit," he says.

Some drivers who spoke to News 12 Long Island today were doubtful that the project will eliminate the area's traffic troubles entirely. Officials say the system just needs some fine-tuning now that it's up and running.