SAYVILLE - Shoppers in Sayville are not happy about a new parking crackdown.

Rita Molloy, of Medford, recently had her car towed from Sayville Plaza Shopping Center.

Last Friday, Molloy said she was going to have lunch at Gino's Pizzeria and walked to the bank just five minutes from the plaza for some money. She returned to the parking lot to find that her car had been towed.

"When I came back, I realized that my car was not there, so I thought my car was stolen," said Molloy.

Molloy's car was parked in a private lot that serves Gino’s and other stores in the shopping center. About 25 to 30 cars have been towed out of the lot by tow trucks lying in wait, according to James Cox, of the Sayville Chamber Of Commerce.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, parking signs have been up in the lot for quite a while, but it is only in the past three weeks they began to enforce the towing.

“They are overcharging according to Islip Town Codes and they are very aggressive,” said Cox. “They even towed people who were shopping in the shopping center.”

News 12 contacted the owner of the shopping plaza, but he had no comment on this story.

Angry residents have started a Facebook page to fight back against the aggressive towing.