WESTBURY - Dozens of children and parents gathered at the AMC Lowes Raceway in Westbury today for a special screening of the new documentary "Bully" that was arranged by a local mother.

The film follows the lives of kids who are bullied, a couple whose son committed suicide after being bullied, and what school administrators are doing to address the problem.

Andrea Bergin, a mother of three from Carle Place, heard about the documentary and reached out to the film's distributor to make sure it was going to be shown on Long Island.

Bergin says one of her kids was picked on at school, and she wanted to shed light on the problem of bullying.

"It's a very gut-wrenching, realistic view of what's going on," she says. "I don't think there was a dry eye in the audience the entire time."

"Bully" is currently playing at AMC Lowes Raceway in Westbury and the Farmingdale Multiplex.

For an interview with Andrea Bergin on her efforts to bring more showings of the documentary "Bully" to Long Island, go to your digital cable box and select iO Extra on Ch. 612.