OYSTER BAY - A woman whose daughter was killed in a boating accident has won her fight to help prevent future tragedies.

Joy Treanor's 11-year-old daughter Harlie was one of three kids who died last July 4 when a boat capsized in Cold Spring Harbor. Treanor says she was shocked to learn that the bay constables and the Coast Guard didn't have the right equipment when they arrived on scene.

"It's like a fireman showing up to your house with no hose," Treanor says. “What's the point of coming to rescue you if you don't have the equipment to rescue?"

Treanor and Christopher Briggs, president of the Bay Constable Benevolent Association, appealed to the Oyster Bay Town Board to ensure that bay constables have the right gear to respond to a water emergency, since they're usually the first to arrive on scene. The board today agreed to accept Rapid Diver equipment for the constables to use in future accidents.

Briggs raised the money to purchase the Rapid Diver units, which include air sources for both the rescuer and the victim. Of the 10 units, four will go to Oyster Bay, two will go to the South Shore and two will go to the North Shore.