RIVERHEAD - Even before it's open, a Costco in Riverhead is triggering criticism from area residents.

The Costco store is being built on Route 58. Residents adjacent to the new store say they wanted a higher fence separating their land from the Costco. They say they were promised more tree coverage to provide more privacy in the area.

“We were shorted 64 trees. If they had put the amount of trees that had been called for by the plan, I think we'd have better coverage,” says Barbara Ross, a village resident.

Angry neighbors say the developer did not live up to the promises he made to them.

Town officials say they completely understand the frustration of residents. They say before Costco will be allowed to open its doors later this spring, every condition regarding the landscaping will have to be met.

The attorney for the land developer did not return calls from News 12 for comment.