NORTHPORT - Neighbors in a Northport community are seeking to a put a cork in plans for a winery in their area.

Lisa and Fred Giachetti bought a 10-acre parcel on Norwood Road because they always dreamed of building a 7,000-square-foot winery.

"It will be very similar to our family's vineyards and wineries in Italy. It's family-geared and we are really excited about it," Fred Giachetti says.

But neighbors aren't sharing that excitement. Some say they are concerned about children who play on school fields that are next to the proposed site. Resident Nicole Mullholland says the elementary school children could be exposed to pesticides, increased traffic and drunken drivers.

"We are no longer talking about a farm, we are no longer talking about a vineyard, we are talking about a commercial winery," says Mulholland.

While many of the permits and licenses for the winery are already in place, the Giachettis have not received the go-ahead from the Town of Huntington to start building.

The Board of Education and the superintendent of the Northport-East Northport School District have sent letters to the town board asking them to deny the Giachettis' application. Neighbors are also planning to meet with Huntington Town Supervisor Frank Petrone to express their concerns.

However, the Giachettis say they believe the community will one day be happy to welcome the winery.