MANORVILLE - (AP) ? Prosecutors said Wednesday that needles and cotton balls Roger Clemens' former trainer says he used to inject the star pitcher tested positive for Clemens' DNA and anabolicsteroids - evidence the defense said was faked.

Assistant U.S. attorney Steven Durham revealed the resultsduring opening arguments in Clemens' trial on charges of lying toCongress about using performance-enhancing drugs. Clemens' attorneyRusty Hardin responded that he won't dispute the needles containClemens' DNA and steroids, but accused the trainer Brian McNamee of"mixing" it up."He manufactured this stuff," Hardin told jurors. "RogerClemens' only crime was having the poor judgment to stay connectedwith Brian McNamee."

Hardin said steroids would have been "incredibly inconsistentwith his career and beliefs that there's no way he would have doneit."

Clemens has said that the only things McNamee ever injected himwith were the common local anesthetic lidocaine for his joints andvitamin B-12. But Durham said neither substance was found on theneedles or cotton swabbed with his blood stains.

Hardin told the jury that the government is "horribly wrong"in charging his client with perjury, false statements andobstruction of Congress. Clad in a dark suit, Clemens watchedsilently from the defense table with a clenched jaw.

"There was a rush to judgment on Roger that has made itimpossible for him to be fairly heard until he got here," Hardinsaid in the federal courthouse just a couple blocks from thecongressional hearing room where he testified three years ago.

"It's a fact of life that sometimes when people reach themountain, there is an unwillingness to give them equalconsideration when people come down on them," Hardin said. "Andthat's what happened with Roger."

Hardin showed the jury an enlarged photo of the country with allthe sites where federal agents investigated the case. He said itinvolved 103 law enforcement officers, five attorneys, 229investigation reports and 72 investigation locations across thecontinental United States, Germany and Puerto Rico.

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