LINDENHURST - There were tears of joy at a Lindenhurst elementary school today as a little girl received the surprise of a lifetime.

At Daniel Street Elementary School, 8-year old Nina Bautista got a surprise visit from her older brother who she hasn't seen in seven months due to his service in the Navy.

"I was surprised, like very surprised, and I wasn't sure he was going to come home," said Nina Bautista.

Nina's older brother, Anthony Bautista, serves aboard the Navy aircraft carrier USS George Washington helping launch Navy F-18 fighters and other aircraft. Diana, the mother of the two, and fellow Navy buddy John Zoccali helped pull off the big surprise.  

"Yeah, I was a little nervous -- haven't seen my sister or my family in a long time," said Anthony Bautista.

Nina's mother said her daughter idolizes her big brother in the Navy and looks up to him because he serves our country.

Nina said all that matters now is that he's home and safe with her just in time for the holidays.