UNIONDALE - A Franklin Square woman who lost her sister to a drunken driver says family mementos left on her gravesite were recently thrown in the trash.

Tracey Cornella's sister Amy was killed in 1991 and buried at Greenfield Cemetery in Uniondale, next to other deceased relatives. Cornella says she visits the site each week.

She says the mementos, which had been at the site for 24 years, were not there Thursday morning. When she asked office workers at the cemetery where all of her family's belongings were, she says she was told they were thrown out.

Town of Hempstead spokesman Mike Deery says the plot owners were told that items were not allowed to be placed at gravesites in two separate documents.

"As a third notification, those who do not observe the rules are sent an additional document informing plot owners that unauthorized items must be removed," says Deery.

Cornella maintains that she did not receive any notifications.