MINEOLA - The Nassau Legislature voted Monday to bump up its spending on mailings to constituents.

Legislators had a budget of $1.1 million for the mailings. The vote will transfer $167,000 in unused funds into the postage budget.

Floral Park resident David Fowler says that he liked the county's mailings, but that lawmakers need to prioritize.

"I think it would be foolish to spend money on mailings when you can come up with things to save valuable programs for kids throughout the county," says Fowler.

Patricia Friedman, of Nassau County Tax Revolt Coalition, calls the mailers "a waste of taxpayer dollars."

"I'm surprised that NIFA, since they're the watchdog group looking in, are allowing it," says Friedman.

News 12 reached out to Jon Kaiman, director of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, about the increased postage budget.

"It is not for NIFA to determine how much the Legislature spends on each particular budget item," says Kaiman. "If they fail to meet their targets, we are poised to jump in and this would be something high on the list of expenses we would likely cut."

News 12 reached out to Nassau legislators for a comment. No one was available to speak or give a statement regarding the postage budget.

A spokesperson did confirm the $167,000 will allow lawmakers to send a countywide mailing this month for events like tax grievance workshops in January.