WOODBURY - The Nassau County Police Department has announced that it is revamping its “use of force” policy and procedures, and will create a deadly force review board.

According to acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter, the review board will take into consideration all the evidence produced, the criminal investigation, the administrative investigation and any outside investigations, such as by the district attorney, in cases involving deadly force.

“They will consider the tactics; they will consider the training and other factors to determine if discipline is appropriate in that particular case,” said Krumpter.

All officers will undergo additional training as well.

Krumpter says no single recent event prompted the change, saying that all use of deadly force will still be investigated by the Nassau District Attorney's Office as well as internally in the department. He says the last time the policy was revamped was 1986.

Nassau PBA president Jim Carver says he doesn't think a review board is necessary. Carver says that every shooting involving a police officer is already reviewed by the homicide officials and police hierarchy.

The review board will be made up of five top members of the police department as an extra layer of internal oversight.