MINEOLA - Police in Nassau and Suffolk counties are on high alert following Sunday's shooting in Baton Rouge that killed three police officers and wounded three others.

Nassau police say they are intensifying patrols in busy areas and around mass transit. They are also stepping up their monitoring of social media, and doubling up officers in each patrol car.

After the attack on Dallas police officers 10 days ago, patrols in Nassau County were doubled up for 36 hours. Now, in the wake of the Baton Rouge attack, officials say it's until further notice.

"We do have some concerns of copycat-type actions by an individual, that is hard to predict, hard to spot," says Chief Steven Skrynecki. "I think you'd have to be a fool to not have some fear as a police officer right now, but this will not deter our officers from doing what they're doing."

News 12 rode along with two Nassau police officers on patrol Monday, who spoke about the extra precaution of riding in pairs.

"It's just an extra set of eyes that I may not be paying attention to, because I'm driving down the road, or going to a call with my lights on and my partner may see something that I may not see," says Officer Christopher Lovelace.

The officers say their training has prepared them for all possibilities. "Even prior to all this taking place, we're always ready for what may happen," Lovelace says.

In Suffolk County, officers will remain alone in their patrol cars, but two sector cars will respond to all 911 calls until further notice. Suffolk police officials say they are in close contact with the FBI and are receiving regular updates on the attack.

Nassau police also honored their fallen brothers in blue at a ceremony Monday. Taps played as a wreath was placed at the Nassau County Police Memorial at police headquarters in Mineola.