HEMPSTEAD - Union representatives from Hempstead and Freeport village police departments have strong words about a Nassau-funded study that considered consolidating their departments into the Nassau force.

Nassau County paid celebrity ex-NYPD detective Richard "Bo" Dietl $24,000 to produce a 13-page report that Freeport PBA president Shawn Randall called "fluff." Hempstead PBA Frank McNamee said, "No one could take this as a responsible study."

Officials from both departments said they were unaware that the county had been conducting a study into a possible consolidation. Because the study cost less than $25,000, county lawmakers didn't have a say on it.

Tax activist Pat Friedman said he would like the New York State Attorney General to investigate the county's dealings with Dietl "on behalf of us, the taxpayers."

The county also paid Dietl's firm another $24,000 to study security practices at the Cedar Creek Sewage Treatment Plant. The top two recommendations listed at the end of the 12-page report included, "Make sure everyone who works security here knows how important security is," and "Consider hiring a security firm to work the front gate."

The county issued a statement saying the security study was conducted "after incidents of sabotage" at the plant.

The Nassau District Attorney's Office, which is already eyeing the county's contract practices, said it will look into the police study. In a statement, the DA's office said that "$24,000 for a 13-page cut-and-paste report raises serious questions."

County Democrats said they will be pushing for a legislative investigation.