UNIONDALE - Acting Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas C. Krumpter met with community members at the Nostrand Gardens Civic Association meeting Monday night regarding the department’s transfer of 45 plainclothes officers to regular patrol.

Heidi Sanft says in the last four months, there have been a number of murders just blocks from where she lives in Uniondale. She says now is not the time to cut back on police officers.

Other concerned residents told the acting commissioner that special units and problem-oriented police are instrumental in preventing crime.

The move to bring the officers back to regular patrols for the rest of year is a cost-saving measure.

“If we didn’t push people back into the charts to fill those patrol cars, police officers would end up working 10, 15 days in a row,” says Krumpter.

He also said that the move is temporary and the department would reconsider its strategy if the crime rate spikes.

Legislator Carrie Solages called an emergency meeting Tuesday night at the Elmont Library to urge County Executive Ed Mangano to get involved and reverse some of these community police cuts.