STEWART MANOR - Some Nassau residents came together to address the Town Village Aircraft Safety & Noise Abatement Committee Monday night at Village Hall in Stewart Manor.

Residents in Floral Park and surrounding towns told the committee that they were fed up with noisy low-flying planes that fly over their homes.

The TVASNAC meeting agenda addressed not only noise, but also last week’s incident when a piece of a plane landed on a Stewart Manor resident's property.

"This incident shows the dangers of the constant air traffic over our homes and that it needs to change," said Stewart Manor Mayor Jerry Tangredi.

A spokesperson for the FAA confirmed to News 12 that the fallen debris was a dislodged piece from the inside of a landing gear door of an airbus A380 aircraft. They say an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Members of the committee said that air traffic may increase as JFK International Airport begins preparing for construction on a runway next year. The FAA spokesperson says they will discuss a contingency plan when they meet with the TVASNAC and Port Authority officials during governor mandated community roundtable meetings.