WOODBURY - A prominent Nassau lawmaker has been ordered to appear in court to face contempt charges in connection with a high-profile case.Nassau Legislator Peter Schmitt was ordered to appear next week before a federal court judge on contempt charges after Schmitt spoke to News 12 Long Island, allegedly revealing confidential information about an investigation of police officers connected to the Jo'Anna Bird murder case.Bird's family got a $7.5 million settlement from Nassau County yesterday, the same day a judge ordered Schmitt to appear before him on contempt charges for allegedly disclosing confidential details about an internal police probe into the young mother's murder case.Fred Brewington, the Bird family's attorney, says he's still fighting for the investigative report's release. He says the public has a right to know what happened back in 2009 when Bird was killed by Leonardo Valdez-Cruz, whom she had an order of protection against.Lawmakers were allowed to read the report while deciding whether to approve the multimillion-dollar settlement. But a judge ordered them not to talk or write about it.The Nassau PBA has argued that releasing any part of the report would violate the police officers' rights.Nassau lawmakers mull changes to police discipline policyLawmaker: Internal Nassau PD report on Bird case 'disgusting'