WEST HEMPSTEAD - A jury has found a veteran Nassau police officer accused of harassment and resisting arrest not guilty on all counts.

Police Officer Dolores Sharpe believes she was singled out by two officers, Charles Volpe and Victor Gladitz, outside a West Hempstead Dollar Tree in November 2013 because she is black.

Prosecutors argued that she refused to show officers her identification and that she tried to hit one of the officers with a neck chain as they were investigating a separate incident in the parking lot.

Sharpe, who has served 20 years on the force, testified last week in her own defense, saying that she felt victimized. She was off duty at the time of the incident. Sharpe says that she showed her police badge and identification, but that vulgar words were exchanged.

One of the officers involved testified that he believed Sharpe may have been impersonating an officer, and said the situation got heated when he asked to see her department identification.

Officer Sharpe says she is ready to move on with her life.

The department's internal affairs unit is still investigating the incident.