WOODBURY - Body cameras will soon be making their way to the officers of the Nassau County Police Department.

Under the pilot program announced Monday, 31 police officers from the 5th, 3rd and 1st precincts will be equipped with body cameras during a 12-month period.

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano says the program will "test the latest technology available with the goals of increasing transparency."

Acting Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter says the body cameras will give the "police point-of-view" in an age where a majority of people have cellphone cameras.

The county's test run has the support of Democratic Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams, but not the support of the Nassau PBA. President James Carver says the county failed to consult with the union, and he plans to file an injunction to keep it from happening.

Carver says he is opposed to having the pilot program "rammed down our throats" without the proper research.

The logistics surrounding the program have not yet been announced, such as when an officer would be required to turn the camera on. Krumpter would only say that the "officers will be given discretion."

Krumpter said a department-wide deployment of the system would be costly. "It would be $9 to $10 million in salaries and hardware, and other maintenance agreements," he said.

As for the Suffolk Police Department, a spokesman says they have "no definite plans on using body cameras at this time."

They plan on looking at how other departments are using the cameras before making a decision.