GLENWOOD LANDING - A Nassau police commander has been demoted after he was accused of "fudging" numbers so that his precinct's crime statistics looked better.Investigators say 6th Precinct Inspector Thomas DePaola was altering crime statistics to make neighborhoods look safer. They say he classified burglaries of businesses as criminal mischief, which is one of the lowest levels of crimes. Some crimes allegedly weren't recorded if a victim requested that a suspect not be arrested.Officials with the Nassau County Police Department say they grew suspicious of the crime numbers in July and ordered an audit. DePaola has been demoted to patrol captain as a result."It should also be noted that major crime reports were unaffected during this investigation and the crimes that were misclassified or not captured are being re-adjusted to reflect accurate crime data," the department said in a statement.The 6th Precinct recently merged with the 3rd Precinct and is now a "community policing center." Legislator Wayne Wink (D-Roslyn) says he's requesting a hearing to see if the precinct should be reopened."I think we need to look at the numbers anew to see if the administration was hasty in making the decision to close the 6th [Precinct]," Wink says.