WOODBURY - A commanding officer of the NYPD has been selected to run the Nassau County Police Department.

Thomas Dale has been with the NYPD for over 40 years, most recently serving as chief of personnel. If confirmed, Dale will take over in the middle of significant challenges to the department, including the possibility of layoffs.

"We welcome working with him and if he's a man of his word like I heard he is, I don't anticipate him breaking contracts - but if he does, the gloves come off," says James Carver, who heads the police union.

County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) issued a statement saying, "The Nassau County Police Department is at a crossroads and will benefit from Tom's experience and leadership."

Additional challenges Dale will face include the Nassau County crime lab scandal, claims that Nassau cops are writing fewer traffic tickets because of labor disputes and the current budget plan to close two precincts.