MINEOLA - The Nassau PBA gave a show of support today for the Nassau police officer who accidentally shot and killed a 21-year-old Hofstra student during an armed home invasion.

Authorities say a veteran police officer fired eight shots at suspect Dalton Smith, who had 21-year-old Andrea Rebello in a headlock and his gun pointed at the officer. One bullet accidentally struck Rebello, killing her.

At a news conference today, Nassau PBA President James Carver said police officers have to make split-second decisions and then act on them.

"To those who second-guess -- walk a day in our shoes, and see how easy your decision would have been that day," Carver said.

It's still unclear whether the officer knew there was an armed hostage situation when he entered the California Avenue rental home.

County Executive Ed Mangano is calling on the police commissioner to conduct a thorough investigation.