WOODBURY - Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray has received a big endorsement in her bid to become Nassau's top prosecutor.

Nassau's police unions officially gave their support to Murray in an announcement made Monday.

Murray is running against acting Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas and former Manhattan prosecutor Michael Scotto.

As News 12 has reported, the Superior Officers Union announced earlier this month that it was supporting the Republican after Singas distributed a campaign flier that listed "convicted corrupt police officers" as its first bullet point.

In a statement, Singas said, "I've supported our police officers in and out of courtrooms for 24 years and while the overwhelming majority of police officers do their jobs with honesty and integrity, I'm not ashamed of my commitment to be tough on police corruption because nobody is above the law. It's disappointing that Nassau's police unions have chosen a career politician who has never prosecuted a criminal case over my record as a career prosecutor with a proven commitment to fair, equal justice."