FREEPORT - Expectant moms who do not intend to keep their babies now have a safe haven to turn to, and it's partially thanks to a Nassau paramedic.

After responding to four separate scenes of babies who were found abandoned and not breathing back in 1998, Timothy Jaccard decided to change his career path.

Jaccard is the founder of the AMT Children of Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works with these expectant mothers. He is the driving force behind laws that allow a birth mother to drop off her child at a so-called “safe haven,” like a hospital or police station, with no questions asked or fear of prosecution.

The foundation also provides a funeral for every baby who is found dead, like Denise Hope, whose body was found in a North Lawrence recycling plant in late October. News 12 covered the story, and in the weeks that followed two birth mothers called Jaccard asking for help. They ultimately relinquished their babies safe and sound.

At the Long Island Crisis Center in Bellmore, trained counselors take calls throughout the day and night from women in various stages of pregnancy. The calls are anonymous and come in from across the nation.

To date nationwide, Jaccard says 2,886 babies have been given up healthy and alive.