SYOSSET - A Nassau County official is suggesting that speed cameras be explored for the Long Island Expressway after a pair of crashes killed nine people on the highway last month.

Nassau Comptroller George Maragos tweeted, "Something has to be done to eliminate this weekly sorrow. Perhaps speed cameras on the LIE?"

Two years ago, Nassau County was forced to shut down its school speed-zone camera program after residents panned it as a "money grab."

Some Long Islanders, like Plainview resident Jon Ladenheim, say cameras on the LIE would be more of the same.

"If you wanna pass the truck on the LIE, you gotta go a little faster. If there were speed cameras, I'd probably be out of pocket hundreds a month," Ladenheim says. "Putting speed cameras on the LIE would just give tickets to unnecessary people and delay traffic more on the Island."

But Maragos insists he didn't throw the idea out as a "money grab." He says it should go hand in hand with other measures to improve safety on Long Island's main traffic artery.

"This is not about raising revenue, its about making our highways safe," Maragos says. "Increasing enforcement, cameras, whatever it takes."

Maragos says he hasn't talked to any other lawmakers about his ideas for curbing speed on the LIE.

He says that in light of recent events, he believes public meetings should be held on the issue.