WOODBURY - Top officials in the Nassau Police Department are calling on officers who are not writing enough moving violation tickets to be retrained.

Nassau Police Chief Steven Skrynecki says they will be retrained on how to observe vehicle and traffic infractions and how to process a ticket. The 60-70 officers being retrained are the ones ranked in the lowest 10 percent of ticket writers in the county.

Those officers will be on patrol with their supervisors during the process.

"The objective is to make sure they're engaged in the job they're supposed to do and making sure they're keeping the public safe," said Skrynecki.

Skrynecki says the retraining came about after complaints from residents and village mayors about traffic violations going unchecked.

The chief says there is no quota for violations. Since 2010, it's been illegal to have one in New York.

Nassau PBA President James Carver says supervised patrols are unnecessary.

“When you have a low crime rate the way we have and summonses have gone up 43 percent – instead of critiquing the bottom 10 percent, they should feel praised," said Carver.

Police officials say Nassau County used to have officers whose sole job was to do traffic enforcement, but those patrols were eliminated when the department started to downsize.

Carver says they will be watching to see if officers are being advised to meet any quotas.