NEW HYDE PARK - A Nassau County police officer is in stable condition after being shot in the hip while responding to a burglary in New Hyde Park.

Authorities say two armed men broke into a home on Campbell Street shortly before 2 a.m. on Wesdesday. The couple living inside quickly called 911. Police say the suspects tried to get away, but the first responding officer was already there, approaching the home and the suspects.

Officials have identified the officer as Mohit Arora, 32, of the Third Precinct.

Detective Lt. John Azzata says Arora thought the subject was going to surrender. Police say the suspect did not and quickly fired at Arora.

Officer Arora, a six-year veteran of the Nassau County Police Department, was rushed to the hospital. Shortly thereafter, about 20 to 30 officers embarked on a manhunt for the suspects, who ran from the scene.

Police say one of the suspects raised his gun again as officers chased him, forcing officers to start shooting. Neither of the suspects were hit before they were taken into custody.

Officials believe the home was targeted and that it was not a random act of violence. Neighbors say the couple that lives in the home runs a successful business.

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