WOODBURY - A Nassau County police officer on Tuesday met face to face for the first time with the overseas stranger who may have saved his life.

Officer Greg Holgerson's batttle with cancer began in 2012 when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Doctors told the then-39-year-old from Deer Park that he needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. No one in Holgerson's family was a match.

His doctors launched a worldwide search and found a perfect match in Northampton, England.

Sue Harrison signed up to be a donor about 30 years ago. She forgot she was on the bone marrow register until October 2013, when she received a phone call saying she could help save a stranger's life.

Holgerson underwent a stem cell transplant last January and is now cancer-free.

Holgerson says he now considers Harrison a part of his family. They plan to spend the rest of the week sightseeing in New York City and getting to know the rest of his family before Harrison heads back to England.