WOODBURY - A high-ranking Nassau County official is accused of perjury.

Prosecutors say that Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Management Edward Korona Jr. lied about never being convicted of a felony.

Acting District Attorney Madeline Singas says Korona has been a county employee since 1986. She says on four job applications with the county, he lied when asked if he had any criminal convictions.

Singas says in 1982 when Korona was 19, he was sentenced to upstate jail time for a burglary in Jericho.

Newsday covered his sentencing, which was up to five years behind bars.

Korona is facing four counts of perjury, offering a false instrument for filing, making an apparent false sworn statement and official misconduct.

In court on Thursday, Korona's attorney denied the charges. 

Korona faces up to four years behind bars if found guilty.

Singas says Korona's past conviction and his alleged false statements about it came about after her office was investigating county contracts and those who were involved in the administration of those contracts.

She says it's not illegal to be convicted of a felony and still work for the county, but not indicating it on official forms is illegal.

County Executive Ed Mangano's office tells News 12 the case is "under review."

News 12 has learned Korona has contributed numerous times to the Mangano campaign and the Nassau Republican Committee. Korona's attorney wouldn't say if he thought the arrest was politically motivated.