HICKSVILLE - The Nassau County Health Department has announced that it called off its aerial spraying for mosquitoes due to unspecified "security concerns."

Last week, health officials said there would be another round of spraying this week due to the high number of mosquitoes, the presence of the West Nile virus and large quantities of standing water following unprecedented rainfalls.

On Sunday, the health department said it was postponing the spraying due to a no-fly zone imposed by the federal government.

However, a spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says there are no flight restrictions this week that would impact Nassau County.

The FAA says the only flight restriction was for Sept. 11, when President Barack Obama was in town for the memorial service.

Health officials insist they postponed the spraying for security concerns, but are now re-evaluating when the next best opportunity will be to spray for mosquitoes. Nassau County Health Department