LAKE SUCCESS - The site for a medical marijuana dispensary in Lake Success has received its preliminary approval.

The medical marijuana dispensary is scheduled to open at 2001 Marcus Ave. in Lake Success alongside other medical offices.

Many residents in the area say they are concerned about the dispensary because they say it is too close to a community ballpark and the Lake Success Shopping Center.  

In September, Bloomfield, the company behind the dispensary, told News 12 the location makes sense and has been approved by the New York state Department of Health. Bloomfield said it was only waiting for final approval from the Town of North Hempstead.

Initially, the Town of North Hempstead said zoning laws did not allow a dispensary at the location because it would operate as a pharmacy, but the Building Department found that it fit within the description of a doctor's office and not a retail store. A medical office conforms to the zoning laws in the location. The building was granted approval on Dec. 15. 

Only registered patients and care-givers will be permitted to enter the dispensary, and there will be a security guard to monitor the building.

New York state’s medical marijuana program begins Jan. 5. Bloomfield says it is scheduled to open the dispensary sometime in January. 

Columbia Care, another medical marijuana dispensary company, is set to open an office in Riverhead soon.