UNIONDALE - The Nassau County Legislature has unanimously voted to approve a $229 million project to revamp the aging Nassau Coliseum that will also add a retail and entertainment complex.

The Legislature voted 19-0 to approve the contract with winning bidder Forest City Ratner, the team behind the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

"We want it to become iconic," developer Bruce Ratner said as he made his final pitch for lawmakers today. "We want it to become world famous. We want people to go there, we want people to feel proud of their county and proud of this place."

Under the plan, the arena itself would be downsized slightly to include a smaller number of seats. It would shrink to a 13,000-seat arena, but the complex would gain an ice rink, restaurants and a movie theater.

The project will be privately financed, and not paid for by taxpayers.