WOODBURY - The balance of power in the Nassau Legislature will be on the line this Election Day, and it's anybody's guess who'll wind up in control.

Nassau Democrats need two seats to regain the majority in the Legislature. Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs says issues such as the $300 million budget shortfall the county is facing could hurt Republicans.

But Nassau's Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello says the county's fiscal problems were not caused by Republicans, in particular County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau).

"He inherited the debt from the pervious county executive who was in there for eight years and that was, of course, Tom Suozzi - a Democrat," he says.

Alexander Raia, of Garden City, says he's not sure it makes a difference who has the majority.

"If you look at the history of the county, when the Republicans dominated it was bad, when democrats came in it didn't get any better. Taxes are still high," he says.