MINEOLA - Nassau legislators are considering giving themselves their first raise in more than 20 years, but it comes as the county continues to grapple with serious budget problems.

The proposal would nearly double lawmakers’ salaries, from $39,500 a year to $75,000.

Legislator Judy Jacobs says taxpayers shouldn't be concerned about the salary increases, because they won't go into effect until 2018.

The raise push comes just days after NIFA, the state board charged with monitoring Nassau’s finances, approved the county's nearly $3 billion budget. Approval was given on the condition that the county meets its revenue goals on a  quarterly basis. NIFA had rejected an earlier budget plan that was deemed to rely on shaky revenue sources.

Presiding Officer Norma Gonsalves says even though it’s officially a part-time job, legislators’ hours are more like full-time, and adds that their salaries should be on par with those of New York City and Suffolk County officials.

The bill was unanimously passed Monday evening by the Rules Committee. It will go before the full Legislature on Dec. 21, and it is expected to be approved by all 19 members.