MINEOLA - Nassau County residents may have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for things like traffic tickets and ATM fees, after the Legislature approved millions of dollars in new fees. The administrative fee that's tacked onto traffic fines is expected to rise from $15 to $30. The license fee for ATMs that are not located inside banks is also going up, and an ATM owner says the terminal fees that users pay will likely increase as well.The new fees also mean that residents who don't have a county permit for their alarm systems will be charged $150 if police come to their home. And home improvement business licenses from the county's Consumer Affairs Department are also rising too, to the chagrin of some local contractors. Victims of accidents who require a medivac to local hospitals will now be charged $7,500 because of the changes. The life-saving service was previously free.The county hopes to raise nearly $13 million per year with the new fees, which still must be signed into law by County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau). The executive was unavailable to discuss the new fees today.County lawmakers say the changes will help balance Nassau's budget, but many residents who spoke with News 12 Long Island say they're not happy to hear the news.