EAST MEADOW - Nearly 300 inmates at the Nassau County Jail could get another chance at freedom due to the investigation into discrepancies at the now-closed Nassau County Crime Lab.

The District Attorney's Office says a letter, signed by District Attorney Kathleen Rice, is being sent to inmates who are currently serving time for drug or drunken driving convictions.

The office says the letter will inform inmates of the problems discovered at the lab and ask them to get in touch with their defense attorney, or call the Nassau Bar Association or Legal Aid Society, if they think they could be affected.

As News 12 Long Island has reported, the crime lab was put on probation in December and then shut down due to improper procedures and reports of inaccurate drug tests.

Rice has also called for all felony drug samples to be retested and for a review conducted on all blood-alcohol tests.

Nassau County Bar Association: 516-747-4070/516-747-8448Nassau County Legal Aid Society: 516-560-6402

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