WOODBURY - Nassau County District Attorney candidate Michael Scotto is responding after a controversial LIRR-related exchange on Twitter had people asking questions.

This week, an account for Scotto was involved in an exchange where a Twitter user asked the DA candidate, "If you get elected, can you fire these jokers or have them killed?" Scotto's account then favorited and re-tweeted that tweet. It has since been deleted.

The angry tweet comes after LIRR commuters dealt with major delays and cancellations on Wednesday.

Scotto released a statement on the controversy saying, "Unfortunately a junior social media intern retweeted and/or favorited the tweet at issue and only paid attention to the part of the tweet thanking me for my support during the delay," said Scotto.

Meanwhile, the campaign manager for Scotto's Democratic Primary opponent, Madeline Singas, issued a response. "Mr. Scotto has made a habit of saying reckless things unbecoming of the office he seeks, but to suggest that someone should be killed-even in jest- goes beyond the pale and is frankly disqualifying."