HEMPSTEAD - Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice says the Town of Hempstead clerk who is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal had discussed paying off one of his accusers in exchange for her silence. Mark Bonilla, who has been the Hempstead clerk for 10 years, was charged Friday with criminal misconduct, coercion and petit larceny. As News 12 Long Island has reported, investigators say Bonilla tried to coerce a town employee into giving him intimate photos of a co-worker who had accused him of sexual harassment. Rice says the town attorney told investigators that when Bonilla was interviewed, he asked whether a $10,000 payment to the complainant would "make the allegations go away." Rice says three women in their 20s have made allegations of sexual harassment against Bonilla. Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and six town board members have called for Bonilla's resignation. Bonilla showed up for work today despite the allegations and his attorney says he plans to remain on the job with his salary of nearly $130,000 per year.

Town of Hempstead clerk arrested, charged with sexual harassmentHempstead Town clerk on defensive amid calls for resignation