HEMPSTEAD - Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice has announced that she is seeking a seat in Congress. 

Rice, who just started her second term, says she will run to replace the nine-term incumbent Carolyn McCarthy in Nassau's Fourth District. 

An exclusive Newsday photo shows Rice and McCarthy together making the announcement at a Westbury diner. 

As News 12 has reported, McCarthy is battling lung cancer and recently announced she won't seek re-election after 18 years in Congress.  

Rice refused News 12's request for an interview, but tells Newsday that if elected she'd continue McCarthy's work to reduce gun violence and focus on issues like immigration reform and helping small businesses.

However, Rice isn't the only one eyeing the Congressional seat. 

Rice's  announcement came on the same day fellow Democrat Kevan Abrahams said he is going to explore a run.

If Rice and Abrahams both run, they will face off in a primary.  

Political Analyst Larry Levy says both Rice and Abrahams have name recognition. 

If Abrahams wins, he'd be the first African American to represent Long Island in Congress.  

Other potential candidates for McCarthy's seat are Republican Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray, Nassau Legislator Francis Becker and Democrat Malverne Mayor Patricia McDonald.