WOODBURY - A campaign flier seems to have made the choice easy for the union representing high-ranking police officials in regards to their campaign endorsement in the Nassau district attorney race.

The Nassau County Superior Officers Association chose to endorse Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray after Acting District Attorney Madeline Singas listed "convicted corrupt police officers" as her No. 1 bullet point on her campaign flier.

"It made it sound like, because it was listed No. 1 on the flier, that it was such a widespread problem in Nassau County, which we don't feel it's a problem at all," says SOA president Brian Hoesl.

In a letter last week to its members, Hoesl listed the flier as one reason the union officially endorsed Murray.

The letter states, "The thought of a candidate stepping on the backs of police officers to achieve a few votes is despicable." Murray also criticized the campaign flier.

"Instead of attacking the entire police force for an isolated instance of police misconduct, Ms. Singas should be attacking the heroin scourge that is devastating too many families," says Murray.

Singas says she's proud of her record and is not backing down from the words on her flier.

"I think that pointing out there's a small minority of police officers who might engage in criminal conduct that I will hold accountable, is something that the voters need to know," says Singas.

The election will be held in November.