BETHPAGE - The Nassau County Planning Commission is looking into a land deal that would have the Mangano administration shelling out $800,000 for an aging Bethpage nursery owned by a political appointees.

The land in question is the site of former nursery Emil's Garden Center. The Mangano administration has expressed interest in converting the land into a cultural and educational center.

The land is currently owned by Deputy Parks Commissioner Frank Camerlengo. He had recently donated to County Executive Ed Mangano's campaigns and was given a 26 percent raise at a time when the county has a union wage freeze.

Marty Glennon, of the planning commission, says they were never told of Mangano's ties to the deputy parks commissioner. He wants the county's ethics board to review the deal.

“That is definitely something that should have been disclosed to the planning commission beforehand,” said Glennon. “I'm hoping it was an oversight.”

News 12 attempted to reach Camerlengo, but was told that he was not around.

In a statement, Deputy County Executive Charles Theofan said no taxpayer money would be used to purchase the property.

"The money to purchase this rare piece of property comes from the Open Space Fund, which is made up from a dedicated portion of the sale of other surplus county properties which have been sold," the statement says.