UNIONDALE - Nassau lawmakers are considering a bill to increase the number of red light cameras in the county from 50 to 100.

Assemblyman Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove) is sponsoring legislation to install the additional cameras at intersections with the worst track record in terms of accidents.

Some of the new areas being considered include Sunrise Highway and Green Acres Road in Valley Stream. Police say from 2004-2010, that area saw 369 accidents caused by drivers running red lights. Other possible locations include Jericho Turnpike and Woodbury Road in Woodbury, the scene of 285 red light accidents over the last six years.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says from 1996-2004, traffic fatalities fell by 24 percent in areas where red light cameras were installed.

However, some motorists are questioning the county's motives behind using the cameras.

Chris Mistron, of the Nassau County Traffic Safety, insists that had revenue alone been the priority, red light cameras would've been installed at locations with high volume of cars rather than large number of accidents.

Lavine says Nassau County made $18 million from red light cameras in 2010 and could see about $17 million with the additional cameras.

The Legislature plans to vote on the new cameras Monday. Officials say it could take about 30 days to select the 50 locations.

To view a list of 125 potential sites for the new cameras, along with the number of accidents caused by people running red lights, visit:Potential locations for red light cameras in Nassau