CARLE PLACE - A candidate running for a seat in the Nassau County Legislature is denouncing mailings she claims misinterpret her previous legal history in an attempt to derail her campaign.

Democrat Lisa Daniels, vying for the 7th District seat, says she is furious over fliers that went out linking her to the death of a 2-year-old boy in Georgia.

Daniels says she was the attorney in the custody battle between C.J. Gooch and his parents. Several months after custody was awarded to the mother, the boy tragically died.

Daniels says the mailings have no clear markers, but that her team was able to track the fliers to a mail house that sent out mailings on behalf of Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and the Nassau Coliseum referendum back in 2011.

Her opponent, incumbent Nassau County Legislator Howard Kopel, says he is not responsible for the materials and insists he would never exploit the death of a child for political purposes.