EAST MEADOW - The Nassau County Jail's medical provider is threatening to stop providing services to the facility in one week unless the county agrees to its specific demands.

The jail has been scrutinized recently since 62-year-old inmate Michael Cullum died at the hospital earlier this month.

Cullum's death is one of six being investigated by the state. Armor Correctional Health Services has been accused of providing inadequate care in five of the inmate deaths.

The medical provider wants Nassau County Jail to "cease and desist from speaking about Armor in the media," to "suspend monitoring Armor's performance," to "indemnify Armor for medical malpractice" and "increase Armor's compensation."

The county attorney said in a statement that, "Armor is obligated to provide health care at the jail under its contract terms with the county. While we don't envision any amendments to that contract, we will review their letter when we have the opportunity."

Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams told News 12 that agreeing to the demands in the letter would be like "handing over your house keys to your teenage kids and saying, 'Do whatever you want.'"

"We should never agree to demands that limit our voice, limits the voice of people who can't speak for themselves," says Abrahams.

Armor issued a response to News 12, saying "Armor does not threaten clients but requested typical contract modifications given the unusual circumstances related to the imminent change in medical providers in order that our dedicated staff not be distracted from focusing on patient care."