WOODBURY - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano submitted a plan this week to pay for employee raises.

Back in early May, the Nassau Interim Finance Agency voted to lift a wage freeze imposed on the county's unionized workers. The vote came with a stipulation that Mangano had 60 days to devise a plan to pay for the worker raises.

The plan relies on the installation of speed zone cameras that are expected to net the county more than $14 million this year. It also includes increased fees for traffic violations, higher admission costs at museums and fee hikes for county parks and golf courses.

Mangano's plan also cites expected savings under the terms of the new contracts, and a streamlined tax assessment system that will not require the county to borrow money in order to cover payments.  

Democratic Legislator Dave Denenberg says Mangano's plan is a raw deal for county residents. He calls the fee increases a tax hike in disguise.

"What you really have seen is a lot of back-door tax increases that still don't add up to balancing the budget," he says.

News 12 Long Island reached out to Mangano for comment, but has not heard back.

The NIFA control board is expected to take up the plan later this month.