MINEOLA - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was elected to a second term last night in a landslide victory.

News 12 Long Island's Doug Geed sat down with the Republican to discuss the next four years.

After just two hours of sleep, Mangano was upbeat and enthusiastic.

"We're ready to go, back here at work," he says.

Mangano beat Democrat Tom Suozzi 59-41 percent last night.

"I think we did something very novel here," he says. "I lived up to my pledges. I did exactly what I said I was going to do four years ago, and the people, you know, I think they appreciate that, they appreciate the honesty."

Much of the credit for Mangano's win goes to the clear, simple campaign message that he didn't raise the county portion of property tax bills in his first term.

But Newsday columnist Joye Browne says the county has some huge expenses coming up and still has to fix its property tax assessment system.

Democrats not only lost the executive race, but they also lost a seat on the county Legislature. Starting in January, Republicans will hold an 11-8 majority.

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